Schtûbat … a house with much love of detail, handicraft and our region

This region’s conscious way of living and thoughtful cooperation inspired our desire and the simple formula with which we wanted to design and realise the conversion of our house. Our house was designed, built and realised by craftspeople within a radius of 20 km who do their best. In addition to making a clear statement for sustainability, creating regional value also acknowledges appreciation for our craftspeople and the regional raw material of wood that is steeped in history.

With its Werkraum Haus Bregenzerwald (handicraft museum), our home community of Andelsbuch is a hotspot in Vorarlberg for culture travellers, architecture enthusiasts and design fans. The Handwerk+Form exhibition series displays the high standards and serves as a testimony for the uniqueness of handicrafts in the Bregenzerwald.

We stand up for our values and want to provide travellers with an understanding of them in the form of architectural and handcraft details. We try to unite functionality and aesthetics, allowing them to have their effect. This is something that we also see as an inspiration for future generations. You can look forward to very special premises…


Wolfgang Mätzler … I would like to thank you very much!

You did a great job - all of you!

Andrea and Johannes Mohr and their team developed hand-crafted box spring beds and sofa beds vor Schtûbat, produced with the greatest care.

Christian Metzler and his team knocked untreated wood into the desired shape!

Wolfgang Schmidinger … now at home at Schtûbat: Chair "Trix".

Guntram Ritter … Guggi started his work with us right from the very beginning. He seems to be the most uncomplicated and competent construction consultant on this planet!

Wolfgang Isenberg … optimized Schtûbats catering facilities.

Helmut Fink … manufactured Schtûbats stools and solid wood furniture at its best!

Contact to Wood Handicraft Fink

Manfred Immler ... is responsible for sunshade at Schtûbat.

Bernd Nagel ... illuminates Schtûbat.

Joe Willi … is our expert for audio and video systems.

Jodor Felder … manufactured Schtûbat's handrails.

Peter Meusburger … excellent tiler's work made by Peter Meusburger and his team.

DI Ralph Broger … our expert right from the very beginning of Schtûbat.

Josef Manser … creates a wonderful ambience with his team.

Stefan Feuerstein … and the team are responsible for Schtubat's beautiful view.

Martin Fink … and his team are responsible for the economically friendly heating at Schtûbat.

Gunter Rusch ... and his team are Schtûbat's roofer.

Peter Willi … and his team are responsible for Schtûbat's power supply.

Kaspar Greber … and his team are responsible for Schtûbat's wooden outer appearance.

Jodok Dietrich … and his team did a very good job! They created space for Schtûbat's new future.


Anna Claudia Strolz .. created and manufactured exclusively for Schtûbat: lamps made of selected materials.